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Struggling to secure a job in the UAE? Why not start doing it by opening your own business?

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The worldwide crisis brought by the covid19 pandemic pushed the Government to enforce strict precautionary measures including lockdowns, flight restrictions, and temporary business operation suspension which deteriorated the overall performance and pursuit of both local and international businesses. Several private companies in the UAE had to lay off employees and cut their workforce capacity to […]

10 Ideas Online Business

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Setting up an online business requires minimal investment of time and money over traditional facility-based businesses. There are tons of opportunities available only waiting for you to take action. Here are some business ideas that you might want to open yourself. Social Media Applications Consultant If you’re a Social Media expert, you can reach out […]

100% Ownership for Foreign Investors in Oman

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Oman, under the new Foreign Capital Investment Law which has come into effect in the early of January 2020, allows foreign investors to open businesses in full ownership and does not stipulate the Share Capital requirement. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry enforcement of the new Foreign Capital Investment Law, promulgated by the Royal Decree […]

Which Free Zone is best for Your Business

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For those who have found themselves venturing in the UAE, there is still a good sum of companies and individuals who favor full ownership offered by Free Zones. The 100% ownership and tax exemption benefits have always been the compelling attractions to expatriates and international conglomerates putting a high demand on the growing numbers of […]

5 Steps to register your business in Dubai

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Business setup in Dubai or Business setup in UAE now is easier than ever, but because of the lack of knowledge to the majority of the people, it seems hard from the outside. Here at Savvy Business Setup In Dubai, we are making it easy, affordable and fast to register your business in UAE. Everyone may have a dream […]

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